958 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
718-388-0597 fax

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If you wish to contact us, please see the information below.


958 Grand St.
Brooklyn, NY 1121
Ph: (718) 388-7415
Fax: (718) 388-0597

THE VOICE MAIL SYSTEM IS CHECKED EVERY 20 MINUTES AND YOUR MESSAGE WILL BE HEARD IN A TIMELY MANNER.  Please leave your message SLOWLY and CLEARLY including customer # (if available), account name, contact person, address, and a return phone number.  If we can't understand the message we can't do much so help us help you by not breaking a speed record leaving the message. 

For service and installation questions and requests as well as placing orders for product please email Terry at Terry@autotapnyc.com   You can place orders for service or repairs in this email box as well as beer line cleaning.  Please be specific when placing an order in terms of what is needed and when you need it.

For copies of statements or invoices, billing questions, general questions email Dave at autotapdave@gmail.com.  You can also check the status of your account via this email address.

For ALL credit card questions and payments, to set your account up as a credit card account, or to check if a payment has been processed email Shireen at autotapshireen@gmail.com

General questions for Ronnie or Roni can still be sent to autotapcorp@aol.com  

You can have your monthly statement of invoice emailed to you.  Send us an email to autotapshireen@gmail.com with the person and email address to send it to and we'll set you up on our automated billing system.

Our voice mail system handles your calls concerning billing, delivery, service, and general questions.  Your message will be heard within 20 minutes of you leaving it.  Your concerns will be addressed in a timely manner.   When prompted, push 2 for billing questions, 3 to place orders for delivery, 4 for service requests, and 5 for new account information, general questions, and beer line cleaning.

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