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What is the best way to get a billing question answered? Send us an email with specific questions and as much info as possible so we can get started right away on your question.  Include acct #, specific invoice #'s, and a phone number and contact name to get back to you.


For a question about your bill or an individual invoice, email Dave at autotapdave@gmail.com

For credit card processing, payment distribution reports, or other questions concerning paymemts email Shireen at autotapshireen@gmail.com

For a delivery or service request, email Terry at Autotapcorp@aol.com.  This is also the email address to set up a new account, schedule an installation, or inquire about parts, service, or product.

What is the best way to avoid running out of product?  Check your levels every day of every product.  Nothing makes your fountain beverage systems generate maximum profit then being fully stocked and working at all times.  Don't wait until you run out to place an order, that costs you money.  Be proactive and know what you have and what you need.

How do I pay my bill when I receive a Statement of Invoice?

When paying by check or money order, the best thing you can do to insure 100% that the payments are applied correctly is to send back the pay stub attached to the invoice. It is the right ¼ of the page and tears off. That has your account # on it. Highlight exactly what invoice no’s you are paying (i.e.- 665234,765223, 123543). If your check has a corporate name and not your D/B/A you should write your account number on the check.

Many checks do not have an account name, many do not have the address of the business. Without the payment stub we have no idea who sent us the check. The more exact you are the happier our book keeper will be and you will be also. Indicating what invoices you are paying with your check or money order is HUGE!!  Adding account number to check is recommended.  

Many accounts have the same name. We have a lot of Ryans; Ryan Pubs, Ryans Ale Houses, Ryans Publick Houses. We have a lot of Ninos, and a ton of Trattoria XXX’s. We also have a few accounts that are independent of each other, at different addresses but have the same name (Ray’s Pizza comes to mind). This is where a lot of confusion comes in so the more exact you are, the better for both of us.

I can’t understand my statement of invoice….what do the columns mean?

This seems to confuse a lot of people but it actually fairly simple. Column 1 is the invoice #, a number generated by our system in chronological order. Column 2 is Invoice Date-that is the\date we a) dropped off the product at your location, b) completed a repair at your location, or c) the date a monthly or bi weekly rental was charged. Column 3 is the due date, it is 30 days after the invoice date. Column 4 is Amount which is what is owed on that invoice. Column 5 is the PO number-that is the number that is located on the handwritten invoice or work order we leave you after completing the transaction with you. You will NOT have a PO number on
a hand held computer generated invoice which we use for deliveries. If your PO Number says Rental, it is the rental charge for your soda and or beer system. Column 6 is Balance owed on the invoice. 99% of the time that number will be the same as the Amount column.

What does it mean if the Balance and Amount numbers are different?

It means you had money in open credit and we applied it to partially pay an invoice.

What is open credit?

You will see this at the bottom of your statement above where it says Total. Open credit happens when an account sends us a check and either a) it does not match any specific amounts or b) a customer accidentally over or underpays. It can also occur when you send us a check and do not specify what you are paying for. When there is money sent to us and we are unsure what exact Invoice Numbers to apply it to, we put it in open credit. It means you have
paid money to us but it was not made clear to us where to apply it.

Where people get confused is when they have a $3,000 bill and have $1,500 in open credit. They ask us “why is there $1,500 in open credit and what do I actually owe you?” The answer is simple. What has happened is what was just refered to above. You paid us but didn’t tell us what invoices you were paying. Reality is you owe us $1,500. That $1,500 combined with the $1,500 you have in open credit (think of it as a savings account with us) pays you in full.

If I have money in open credit, can my account be in arrears?

Yes and no. You paid bills, but we can’t apply what you sent us. Our suggestion is when you send a payment indicate exactly what invoices you are paying. Pay specific invoices rather then sending lump sums (we’re not American Express) to pare down a balance, and when you see open credit on a statement let us know what you want to use it for. If that open credit is there past 60 days, we will simply apply it to the oldest invoices.  IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION REGARDING BILLING EMAIL US AT Autotapcorp@aol.com,  You can send us copies of bills in question via pdf files.  This is the easiest way to initiate contact on a billing issue.

What are my payment options?

We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. We can bill you monthly, you can pay our delivery drivers bill on bill, you can pay COD.
Due to the current economic times, we cannot carry large past due balances. That is why we suggest to many accounts to leave a credit card on file and we can automatically pay your bill each month or pay a past due balance off it it gets past 60 days. After 60 days past due delivery service is cut off or a COD plus money on account system in cash is put in place.
The easiest way to ensure you never are past due is leave a credit card on file and we will pay your monthly balance for you with that card. You get points and or miles and you never get a call from us that you are past due. Obviously feel free to call us and ask us about how this works.

I’m COD when I used to be credit. Why?

Bounced checks are usually the culprit here. Many in our industry have eliminated taking checks altogether, we still do. Past due balance could be a reason.

What if I bounce a check?

A couple of things happen when a check bounces. The first is you will be billed for a $ 35 redeposit fee. We realize that occasionally things get busy and you might write a check that you accidentally can’t cover. However, if a second check bounces or the redeposited check bounces you become cash or credit card only, no exceptions.

When do I get deliveries?

Most of our accounts get a delivery every other week. Some need a weekly delivery. Some take deliveries once a month. Your delivery day is determined by location, i.e.-we are on the upper west side of Manhattan every Friday so that is the delivery day for that area.  if you are ana ccount that calls in deliveries on a need basis, please ask us what day we are in your area and call for deliveries on those days.  Non route deliveries are subject to a $55 delivery charge.

How do I order product? You can email us orders at autotapcorp@aol.com

We are strongly encouraging our customers to assign someone to watch over the fountain beverage system (beer or soda) and create a par list. A par list is what you want in stock at all times to avoid running out. Typically Coke/cola and Diet Coke/cola run out the fastest. Cranberry and Orange juice also go quickly.
We suggest having a box/tank on line and a backup in each flavor if you are moving product at a good clip. If the box/tank online is less than half full, get a second backup. You know what you sell the most of but the week you try to cheat the system is the week you run out of a needed flavor or gas tank on a Saturday night at 9pm when the place is packed.
The best thing you can do is call us a day or two prior to scheduled delivery and place an order. That way you get what you want. Our drivers can tell you if they think you need more or less as they know your typical delivery. When in doubt, order an extra. You’ll never be sorry.

Do I need to pre order or even take product?

No but that is where you can create your own headaches. We like it when our customers pre order, you get exactly what you need. It is amazing when a customer feels they do not need anything but doesn’t realize the next delivery is two weeks away. Then, a few days after the refuse delivery they run out of something.

Due to rising costs of gas, vehicle maintenance, and other costs in our industry, we are being forced to charge $55 for special non route deliveries. We want you to keep your hard earned money and not spend it on delivery charges so please take product when we are there.

We are in the process of making your delivery dates available to you online but you can email us at autotapdave@gmail.com to ask us what your dates are for the next calendar year and we will gladly send them over to you.

Another factor here is parking tickets. We get a ton of them and we are trying to cut down. Between 14th and 60th streets between 1st and 8th avenues and between 7a and 7p you just can’t park, double park, stand, leave a helper in the truck. The ticket is $115 and you can thank the NYC Department of Finance for this one. The less time we spend at a stop the better. If you give us exact orders we are quicker in and out. If you say you are sure you do not need product we don’t have to leave a truck vulnerable to a summons when we don’t make a delivery.

That time saved might help us avoid tickets, keeping our operating costs lower. That helps us all out.

I call the office but usually get an answering machine, what do I do then?

We have four options to leave a message for billing, delivery, repair, and general questions. Those mailboxes are checked about every 10-15 minutes between 6am and 6pm. The vast majority of our customers (time and location depending) either get a call back or their issue solved that day. We don’t ignore messages. As Frasier Crane always said, “we’re listening.” You can always email us a message at the addresses listed above.  They will ALWAYS get returned.

ALSO-when leaving a message, speak slowly and clearly. If we can’t understand your name, number, or address we can’t help you. Leave us all of your info, don’t think we have acess to it when we check the messages.

What does it mean when my statement says Deposit in the PO Number column?

One of two things. Either you are rented a beverage dispensing system from us and asked to be billed for the deposit (generally reserved for long time customers opening a new place) or we gave you an extra gas cylinder without collecting one for refill and you owe us a security deposit on that tank. CO2 tanks requite a $100 deposit, Gmix/Nitrogen tanks are a $150 deposit.

My soda system doesn’t work! Can I fix it myself?

In some cases yes. Remember, when it comes to opening or closing valves, turning it right makes it tight, left open it up.

My beer system doesn't work!  Can I fix it myself? You can see if the gas tanks or kegs are empty, that is a major culprit.  Is the power pack plugged in and is the outlet working properly?  Is the tapping equipment on properly?  Most beer issues need a tech but you can start here before you call.

Why is a flavor coming out weak or just coming out seltzer? OR.. The Coke tastes like diet or tonic tastes like ginger ale.

Your lines are labeled.  Make sure whomever is changing the tanks or bags attaches the right bag or tank to the right line.  When something tastes like something else it usually means someone put a unit on the wrong line.

When it comes to weak flavors the product on the line is probably empty. It means you have to change the box or tank online. Bag systems will announce they are empty by the pump running constantly and making a static rapid pishhhh sound. Tanks won’t make a sound. With juice products it will come out water.

I push the gun, it makes a air sound and some syrup comes out except the water and juice are fine.

Sounds like your carbonator is unplugged. Make sure it is plugged in. If plugging it in doesn’t work, the outlet might be bad. If the outlet is working and the carbonator is
plugged in and you still have this issue the carb is bad and we have to come over.

                This is the carbonator.

Soda is flat.

Could be a couple of things. Most often the culprit is your gas tank is empty. Check the tank and if it is empty change it (remembering to put the washer in the regulator
when you put the new tank on). Remember to open it by turning the handle to the left. Your soda will take a few minutes to recarbonate. Run the club soda for 30 seconds, then off for 30 seconds for about 5 mins….it should be good to go.  No system will carbonate immediately so you need to keep running it until it re-carbonates.

Soda can also be flat if the cold plate (shown above) is not cold and covered with ice. Soda needs to be cold to be at its carbonated best.  For optimal performance keep ice on the cold plate. (Pour water from the gun over the ice that is on the plate occasionally so it doesn't freeze into a block and not touch the plate.)  At that point run soda water over your hand until it becomes icy cold.  As time goes on, make sure to knock the ice down with your scooper to make sure it is touching the cold plate.  Do not put bottles over the ice in the cold plate. If you use bagged ice that is delivered, after dumping on cold plate make sure you rinse it over with cool water....manufactured ice can actually freeze your cold plate.

There is no water coming out of the gun.

Unless the city shut down your water supply due work they are doing in the area, the majority of the time this happens is someone closed the shut off valve. The shut off valve is a small silver metal attachment to your water line between the water source and the soda gun. It is usually behind the bar somewhere. Check that first.
Turn it to the left to open it.

How do I change a soda tank?

The pictures will guide you here. On a 3/2 tank you attach the proper prongs to the posts on the tanks. On a straight post tank, look at both the attachment and the tank and match the ones that say in and out to the repsective posts. We suggest you soak your fittings in hot water for a minute when you change a tank.

Gas line in-2 prong post fitting.

Syrup line out-3 prong post fitting

Gas in fitting matches IN post on straight tank. Some of these straight fitting posts don’t say anything-those are for the OUT post.

How do I change a bag in box?

Coke products and Lemon-X or Autotap products use different fittings. Coke uses a red “Hansen” fitting that screws on and off. Autotap and Lemon-X use a
grey “quick connect” (often called a QDC). The QDC snaps on and off the spout that is attached to the bag. On a QDC, make sure the brown cap is on the qdc or you will have a mess.

How do I change a CO2 gas tank?

Most tanks now come with a hanging wrench on them. That wrench fits over the nut. Turn off the gas tank by turning the wheel on top of the tank to the right. Then loosen the regulator attachment by unscrewing it to the left. When the old tank is clear, move the new tank in place, attach the regulator (put the attached washer in the
regulator first) tighten the nut until it won’t move and turn on the tank.

Hanging wrench...leave on gas tank regulators for easy changing of gas cylinders.

How do I change a gmix tank?

Same as above except there is no washer. Remember gmix tanks have a female fitting, CO2 tanks have a male fitting.

How often should I check my stock?

EVERY DAY!!!!  Check to make sure your gas tank is not in the red, make sure boxes or tanks of product feel full. Our advice entering a normally busy night-do
not leave a tank or box that is just about empty online, especially gas! You are asking to run out at an inopportune time. Be prepared for busy nights with full boxes.
You make your money on your fountain beverage systems, take them well!

Do I need to keep my product refrigerated?

No, but we and the syrup manufacturers recommend keeping syrup and juice in a cool place.

I have a gas, syrup, or water leak on my soda or beer system.

Call us right away, we need to take care of that. Our qualified technicians will handle your repair needs.

I’m having a problem with the beer system

That’s all we need to hear, call us, we’ll take care of it expeditiously. That is something our qualified technicians need to handle.

I got billed for a service call but I am a rental customer.  Why?

This is a rare situation.  We feel as a customer there are certain things you can handle in regards to your soda system.  When you call us to come by because soda is flat and we discover that a) you ran out of gas and b) you have a gas tank that is full sitting next to the soda system, that is something that you can handle without calling us.  Same thing with running out of syrup or not having ice on the cold plate. If we have to travel to perform this type of service (which is outside of the rental agreement) that will be billed as a service call.  Ask us to email you a trouble shooting sheet so you can teach your bartenders and managers how to maintain the system effectively.  Rental agreement and service contract cover failure of the system, not human error.

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