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This soda gun is one of many types of dispensers available to you. We specialize in the rental, sales, installation and service of your fountain soda and beverage dispensing systems.

We offer a full line of Coca Cola brand products in 2.5 gallon and 5 gallon Bag in Box. Check our
products section for the full line of Coke Products, including juices and sports drinks that are available to you.

See the bottom of this page for a complete listing of available products.

Soda guns can be mounted to your bar or set up on a waitress service station. Whatever your vision
is, our qualified installers can work with you to make it happen. We can also make suggestions to
you regarding the placement of your beverage dispensing equipment and how to stay compliant with
the NYC Board of Health.

This is the Pro San cleaner we carry for owners of draft beer systems. Ask us about purchasing these products to help keep your beer system health code sanitary and avoid poor tasting draft beer.

Drop in counter top units are great for Pizzerias and many other type of quick food establishments. They are available from us complete with installation. Sales, rentals, and service agreements are available for you on this type of beverage dispenser. You can also add a club soda only option to this unit. These can be behind the counter for your employees to fill drink orders or in the eating area for customer self-serve. This is a much more profitable way to serve soft drinks, water, and seltzer.

Draft beer systems are a great way to increase profits and add a unique look to your bar area. The Autotap Corporation specializes in draft beer equipment sales, rentals, installation and service. Feel free to ask us about whether a draft beer system is right for you. We use only the highest quality equipment in the industry including Perlick.

Draft beer towers come in many different shapes and designs. You can have unlimited beers on tap depending on the size of your location. Feel free to ask us about what styles of towers are available to you to fit the theme of your establishment.


Coca Cola products come in 5 gallon bag in box form as pictured here or 2.5 gallon for those with limited space.

Autotap Product List

Coca Cola Bag-In-Box 

Coka Cola        
Diet Coke     
Seagrams Tonic Water 2.5 gallon   
Seagrams Fanta Ginger Ale 2.5 gallon  
Cherry Coke
Hi-C Fruit Punch     
Hi-C Pink Lemonade     
Minute Maid Lemonade     
Nestea Unsweet Tea     
Nestea Sweet Tea            
Minute Maid Cranberry 2.5 gallon   
Minute Maid Orange Juice 2.5 gallon   
Minute Maid Grapefruit Juice 2.5 gallon   
Minute Maid Pineapple Juice 2.5 gallon   
Minute Maid Orange Soda
Minute Maid Grape Soda
Barq Root Beer
Mr. Pibbs
Cherry Coke

LEMON-X Growers Fancy Brand Juices
Juices come standard in 3 gallon boxes in a 5-1 mix. 5 Liter sizes available upon request
Lime juice available in bottles and Sour Mix available in cases of four gallon jugs
Orange Juice        
Grapefruit Juice   
Pineapple Juice  
Sour Mix 5 gallon  
Voom energy Drink 3 gallon

Premium Soda and Flavors
We carry a full line of flavors for soda, juice, and fruit flavored syrups including....
Deluxe Cola
Deluxe Diet Cola
Deluxe Sparkle Up
Ginger Ale
Tonic Water
Sweet Tea
Plain Tea
Cherry Cola
Fruit Punch
Pink Lemonade
Grape Soda
Orange Soda
Cream Soda
Fox's U Bet Chocolate Syrup
Fox's U Bet Vanilla Syrup

These flavors are also available to you in cases of four gallon jugs.

We now offer selected Arizona Ice Tea Bag In Box products including the extremely popular Arnold Palmer Half and Half Ice Tea/Lemonade.


CO2 in 5, 10, 20, and 50 lb cylinders

Nitrogen for wine and blender boxes and Gmix for beer in small (sr), medium (s), and large (k) sizes

If you don't see the flavor you are looking for call us and ask.   If it exists we will have it available for you. All of our syrups are 5-1 mixes for extra quality.  


Line Cleaning

Nothing tastes worse than “Skunky” beer from having unclean beer lines. This vinegar like taste
alters the purity and quality of beer served. Our experienced technicians clean your lines to give
customers a great tasting beer every time. Our acid based systems remove beer stone and other
nasty impurities that adversely affect the quality of beer served. Autotap gives you the business
advantage by using a state of the art system to ensure your beer lines are always clean. Call
Autotap today to schedule a cleaning and give your customers a great tasting beer that will keep
them coming back for more.

Why use Autotap to clean your Beer lines?
Autotap Line Cleaning Service includes….

  • AUTOTAP uses an electric coil cleaning pump, which flushes the line with high pressure and
  • vibrates the line forcing the yeast buildup to separate from the tubing.
  • We flush your line all the way through to the keg tap
  • We use an Acid cleaner to eliminate Beer stone
  • We have a computerized schedule to ensure your lines are clean on time

On a daily basis between cleanings, we have Pro San which prevents any
fruit fly or bacterial growth in your nozzles/faucets of your tower. As this is a
food grade product, you can pour your first beer without wasting a glass upon

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